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Born in EASTERN  NIGERIA, Charles moved to Italy in 2003 where he further honed his skills in the art of music making.
Charles Feature
Charles Feature

Charles is the first son of legendary Nigerian musician William Onyeabor who died in January 2017. As a kid, Charles grew up listening to his father's songs from an early age. He studied Civil Engineering from the prestigious Enugu State University Of Science And Technology but he secretly tried to study music, in fact his decision was to move to America as a teenager to pursue this dream but he eventually found himself in Europe.

After moving to Italy in 2003, Charles fell in love with the Italian culture, food, clothes and cars which convinced him to stay and eventually begin a car dealership business. His passion for music however never left him and at any chance he got, he made sure to spend time making and performing music.

Charles Feature

Charles didn’t mince words about the influence his late father has on him when it comes to music; ‘my dad influenced my music a lot. He’s my role model. I’ve seen him write, compose and deliver his music. I’ve never been that close to anyone to see how their music is done,’ he said.

When asked his music genre, 'I wouldn’t want to have a specific genre of music. I just want to deliver my music the way I feel it. If my musical inspiration comes in reggae, I will deliver it in reggae to my fans. If it comes in blues, RnB, Afrobeat, that’s the way I will deliver it. music is music’ he said.

Charles Onyeabor participated in the “Una voce per San Marino “ contest In Italy back in 2021. He released five hot singles and he’s currently working on his debut album scheduled to drop in the summer in the coming months.

Following the release of his debut single “They can’t pull us down” feat Miriam Taylor which gained more attention in the Italian market, Charles followed up with his sophomore single “Do It Your Way” feat. Evry before releasing “Bye Bye To My Ex Love” where he sang about a a painful past relationship.

Charles Feature

Charles went ahead to release a song titled “We fell in love on Christmas“ on December 10, 2021. A song he dedicated to his fiancée and got the attention of love birds all over the world. Charles released his first song of 2022 titled ‘Jolly’ on April 29th then followed up with “We all need more love” in October where he preached about the importance of love and unity in our lives. To wrap up the year 2022, he dropped ‘Ije Nwoke’ and he’s kicked off the year 2023 with a fan favourite tune titled ‘Sawa’ that’s currently doing wonders globally.

In March 2023, Charles Onyeabor joined other Afrobeat superstars when he delivered a spectacular performance at the Audi Dome in Germany alongside some of the finest musicians in the world including Psquare, Otile Brown, May7ven, Dj Abrantee, and others.

Charles has two children and he’s happily engaged to the mother of his second child.